Winona Nelson is an artist from Duluth, Minnasota.

At a young age she was always fascinated with art that came with the games she played as a kid, and wanted to hone her skills to surpass those who came before her.

She studied art in San Francisco at the then newly established Safehouse Atelier where she honed her skills in both traditional and digital techniques. Amongst her graduating class was fellow artist Whit Brachnna who would go to later work for 343 Industries.

During her time in San Francisco, she made friends with the members of Massive Black Inc, Jason Felix, Peter Mohrbacher, the Palumbo brothers, and various other names.

When she graduated, Winona went to work on various projects for various companies. Her contributions include Hellgate London, Warhammer, various Kabam! titles, and Artshade Books to name a few.

Her work has also been featured in Spectrum volumes 17-20, and ImageFX Magazine.

In 2013, she lead the artist discussion panel for MTG at Illuxcon 5 with Anthony Palumbo. The discussion panel proved to be a large success shedding detailed light into the minds and ideals of the artists who contributed work for MTG at different points of two decades.

Winona is also one of a few known people who pre-ordered Final Fantasy VII for PlayStation, and played it from start to finish on launch week.

She currently lives in Philadelphia with her artist boyfriend Anthony Palumbo and her cat Diego.

(Photo: Gary Jay's private holdings)

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