Wesley Burt is presently a digital artist for Massive Black Inc.

He is originally from Kansas.

He moved out to San Francisco to work on art for the entertainment industry and be closer to one of the major art scene on the West Coast.

Amongst the projects he has worked on is Dead Space, Dragon Age, Lord of the Rings and The Sims. Most notable franchises he has worked on are Transformers and Batman.

For the time he has worked for Massive Black Inc., he has experienced many changes within the company alongside fellow mech artist Kemp Remillard, and Justin "Coro" Kaufman. For a time he worked alongside the future Concept Art House team (which includes Scott Chou, Erica Yang, Austin Hsu and Jack Wang before the company split), Jason Chan, Michael Bierek, Whit Brachna and various other artists who have come and gone.

His breakout contribution was the release promo version of Restoration Angel for Avacyn Restored.

Other contributions are Elvish Mystic, Anguished Unmaking, Attune the Aether, the Planeswaker Oath Cycle, Vampire Warlord, Weight of the Underworld and Nissa Vastwood Seer to name a few.

He presently lives in San Francisco, bikes to work and does traditional illustration on his free time.

(Photo: private collection)

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