Tyler Jacobson is an artist for the entertainment industry in the world of fantasy and science fiction.

He is significant for doing Domri Rade for Gatecrash and various other planeswalkers on par with Eric Deschamps, Jason Chan and Aleksi Briclot.

He has also contributed work for books, magazines and publications outside the entertainment industry such as Rolling Stones Magazine and the Weekly Standard.

As much as Tyler is an outstanding artist that can do the work and get it done, Tyler is notorious known by diehard collectors for showing up late and frequently cancelling his appearances at the last minute. During Grand Prix Oakland 2013, Tyler showed up 5 hours late to his first appearance. For being late it was assumed that he was having "manly sex" with Chris Rahn from the night before. The assumption was based upon what fellow artist Rk Post said about Tyler and Rahn being all "buddy-buddy" from the evening before Day 1, and thought it to be very strange. Then throughout 2015 he would announce he was going to show up to a series of Star City Game events and a few Grand Prixs scheduled throughout the year only to cancel more than a dozen of them at the last minute. For doing that, diehard collectors have had to email and message him directly if he was really going than saying he is going only to not show up.

On his free time he does Historical European Martial Arts.

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(Photo: Gary Jay's private holdings)

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