Aleksi Briclot is an artist based out of Paris, France.

He has done work for Marvel, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Hasbro, art galleries, and various companies for the entertainment industry.

He is best known for doing the original concepts and final pieces for the first five Planeswalkers of MTG's 2nd decade.

In June of 2008, he with his friend Oskar Guilbert founded DONTNOD Entertainment Game Studio. The creation of the studio was on the idea of creating brand new stories and ideas that the bigger companies would often overshadow over what was profitable. During his time at the studio he worked as Art Director for "Remember Me" (originally titled "Adrift" during development). The point of the game was to display his interest in Sci-Fi from when he was a kid, while telling a story about "how much technology is too much technology" as mobile devices were becoming more of the norm of First World Society.

Briclot was also one of the lead artists on Dreamblade, another Wizards of the Coast property that didn't do financial well. When he was approached to do work on Dreamblade he originally thought the work he was doing was for meant for Dungeons and Dragons. But when Wizards told him it was for a new IP is when he took it slow to bring the characters to life.

He is also close friends with Jean-Sebastien Rossbach. The two created an artbook titled "Merlin" which is based off of the source material from the original King Arthur legends of the Druid Merlin. The book has seen widespread success since its publication.

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(Photo: Gary Jay's private holdings)