Adam Rex is an illustrator and author for kids.

He is the author of the popular series: Cold Cereal that is presently ongoing. He has also authored a series of other kid's books for which have gotten controversy over the years for presenting new things that were outside the norm of the late-2000's.

Such books include: Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich, Frankenstein Take's the Cake, Tree Ring Circus, "Pssst!", and School's First day of School.

His book The "True Meaning of Smekday" was made into an animated movie by Dreamworks in 2015 re-titled "Home."

Early in his art career, he used to do lots of work for MTG, Dungeons and Dragons, Planescape, Changling: the Dreaming, and many other role playing games. After he had well established himself as a gaming illustrator, he transitioned out of games and into kids illustration for which he wanted to enter in since he left art school. One of his final illustrations for MTG was Xth Edition Terror.

His most iconic pieces are Decree of Justice done for Scourge, Cranial Plating done for Fifth Dawn, Leyline of the Void done for Guildpact and Agonizing Memories done for 7th Edition.

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